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Our Testimonials

“I also can’t say enough about Supple Senior care and their team. My mother was terminally ill and had escalating dementia at the time we sought full-time care for her. She wanted to remain in her home no matter what. The owner, Caitriona, came all the way to a SNF in Oakland to meet and reassure my before we had her transported back to her home in San Francisco. She is a natural with elderly people and had my mom at ease in moments. Caitriona assured me that she maintains a small number of clients since she is highly selective about the caregivers she employs. We had hired caregivers before and her team was in another category altogether.

We had three primary caregivers, each of whom became Mom’s friends during the year that they cared for her. They were professional and attentive; they gave her her privacy when she needed it. They fit in just like members of our family. In the last days of her life, they wouldn’t go home, wanting to be there to see her to the end even when it was supposed to be their “days off.” They were remarkable. I have nothing but the highest praise for Supple, and frankly wouldn’t even consider working with anyone else if I needed caregivers again.”

– Chris S.9/8/16

“I really can’t say enough about how wonderful Caitriona and her staff are. My mom’s dementia had progressed pretty far at the time my father died, and we really wanted to let her stay in her house. We interviewed three agencies, and we definitely felt the best about Caitriona. She is an ally and a friend. She helped us figure out a plan, and helped us with strategies that we adjusted over time.

Her caregivers are quite special. One in particular cared for our mom like she was her own mom. Even the neighbors mentioned how good she was with my mom. And my mom loved her. We went to the nurses clinic one time to discuss my mom and work on strategies, and the nurses were taking notes about how the caregiver handled my mom – she is such a natural.

I really don’t know how we would have made it through the last few years without Caitriona and her caregivers.”

– Thomas F.8/21/15

Supple Senior Care LLC brought great peace to my family. Over the years, when we needed an extra hand, Caitriona was able to find the perfect person to meet our various needs. Everyone we worked with from Supple Senior Care LLC was very knowledgeable with elder care and put us at ease knowing our mom was in good hands. All of the highly skilled caretakers were able to teach us best practices for working with mom. The hospice team who visitedour home was extremely impressed with the caretakers we had hired from Supple Senior Care LLC and knew we had knowledgeable and compassionate people to assistance during the difficult time we were facing. All staff from Supple Senior Care LLC are courteous and professional. I highly recommend this agency for anyone requiring at home care.”

– Meghann E.8/19/12

“My sisters and I were in need of a Home Care Agency to assist with our increasingly demented Aunt. Her wishes have always been to stay in her home and we wanted to honor those wishes. After trying other Home Care Agencies we struck gold with Supple Senior Care!

From day one Caitriona and her staff have been professional, knowledgeable, caring and excellent communicators. They know strategies to deal with the demented client.

I would not hesitate to recommend Supply Senior Care to others. Because we have them on board, my sisters and I have peace of mind that our Aunt is being taken care of with love, respect and dignity.”

– Kathy R. 1/5/14

“Caitriona Supple is a gifted caregiver and very reliable in every way. She took care for both of my parents over the time between November 2005 and November 2010. Assisting the RN on the team, Caitriona did substantial supervision and scheduling of a whole team of caregivers and took the initiative in follow-up with doctors and with diagnostic tests, etc. But beyond the specifics of caregiving, Caitriona has brought the most extraordinary spirit, integrity, honesty and reliability to her work. There was never a minute that I worried about what Caitriona would do or not do. She brightened my parent’s home with her humor and good attitude.

Both of my parents were very fond of Caitriona and often turned to her for her perspective. Both of them experienced cognitive decline. My mother also was diagnosed with breast cancer and finally died of lung cancer. So there was a changing caregiving landscape, to which Caitriona adjusted many times in the course of the illnesses.

There were staffing changes and challenges over the years. Caitriona dealt with those with good grace and wise decisions. If needed, she filled in the holes in the schedule.

Caitriona , in her capacity as the owner of Supple Senior Care LLC agency, brought some of her caregiving staff to my parents’. In my view, she had hired a fine group of caregivers in that function.”

– Delia B. San Francisco, 94127 – 8/11/12

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of the Buccieri family for the outstanding care and professional service provided by Supple Senior Care LLC to my sister Rosetta from December 2008 through April 2009.

The care and compassion exhibited by the entire staff was truly superb and difficult to surpass or duplicate. Compassion, comfort, sensitivity and gentle caring for the patient were qualities they demonstrated during one of the family’s most trying time. Their sincere understanding and love were comforting and reassuring.

Again, our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding service provided by Supple Senior Care LLC and we would not hesitate in recommending their service and expertise to anyone who may require care.”

– Joseph B. San Francisco, 94123 – 5/5/09

“i made arrangements with Caitriona, of “Supple Senior Care LLC“, and could not be happier… caitriona runs a business which places nurses and companions in seniors homes, much like she did at my mom’s home.

Caitriona put my mind completely at ease as we put a plan together which would ultimately keep my mom from having to go to a retirement home.

Using trial & error, and Caitriona as a consultant, we have developed a system that my mother and i are both satisfied with that takes 100% of my moms needs into consideration and addresses each issue while still allowing my mom to maintain her independence.

Caitriona and her agency are a godsend and i can’t recommend them highly enough. they have taken nearly all of the stress out of a major crisis, and have done it with the utmost in integrity and professionalism.

i highly recommend this agency…i have since heard they may have a waiting list for new clients…”

– Robert J. San Francisco, Ca – 3/7/2009

“My family used staff from Supple Senior Care LLC (owner Caitriona Supple) for caregiving of my father and my mother. They offered impeccable, ethical, compassionate care from November 2005 to November 2010. Caitriona offered attention to detail with doctors, medications, other caregivers and scheduling that was invaluable. We always knew that Caitriona would have our parents best interests at heart. We trusted her and her staff completely.”

– Dalia B. San Anselmo – 8/17/11

“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Caitriona and to Supple Services. My husband came home from a rehab facility 2 months ago, recovering from a head injury. Caitriona helped me put together a 24/7 team of caregivers and RNs who have helped us to manage this difficult chapter. The women have been warm, professional, trustworthy and reliable. My husband has a lot of medications throughout the day, and the team has been very careful in administering the meds, and keeping up on the changes. All of the women have a practical, quick problem solving ability as well as a sense of humor, which go a long way with a difficult patient. We are so grateful for Supple Services and would recommend them to anyone.”

– Margaret C. San Francisco 94115 – 10/8/11

“I called the owner, Caitriona and she found me a perfect caregiver for my mom. I have used another agency and have been sent people who ‘s records were terrible. Supple Sr. Care sent me a fantastic woman and I feel my mom is in good hands.!”

– D L. San Francisco – 5/27/2013

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